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We Love Our Moms And Here’s Why… How About You?

She may have taught you how to count, how to share your toys, and how to brush your teeth. And although each of our family dynamics vary greatly, one thing is certain… There’s really no way that we can adequately pay back our moms for the gift of life.

Mother’s Day Is A Chance To Say, “Thanks, Mom”

We’d like to add our voices to the chorus and share an expression of thanks to each of our moms. We’d love to hear YOURS too!

From Our Team:

We asked each team member to share a thought or favorite memory about their own mom:

From Cindy:

“My mom is my rock and has always been there for me. She is so strong and such a joy She always has a smile on her face even when she doesn’t feel good. She is a wonderful Meme to my son. She is a Godly woman and my best friend!”

From Chris:

“I’m thankful for my mother for always standing by my side. For letting me cry on her shoulder, and for being my greatest guide.”

From Dr. Rice:

“I love my mom because of the unconditional love and support she has shown me throughout my life. Her commitment to volunteerism, hard work, compassion, understanding and “doing the right thing” has been instrumental in my hardwiring. She convinced me to believe that anything was possible if I worked hard, respected everyone, and never complained of my circumstances.”

From Sarah:

“I love and appreciate my mom for being so selfless and not only staying home with us and homeschooling all 7 of us kids, but also for investing in our futures by teaching us things like how to sew and cook, play games, and instilling a love for books, art, theater and old movies. I love my Mom!”

From Angie:

“When asked to write about my Mom, I immediately tear up. There are no words to describe how much my mom means to not only me, but my entire family. To say that she is strong, amazing, hard-working, caring, etc…are simply understatements to who she is and what she means to me.”

From Dr. Montgomery:

“In college my mom would send me care packages with holiday socks. I used to get so excited when I got a care package from Mom. It always made my day. This is just one of the little things my mom would do for me!”

From Courtney:

“My Mother has helped in giving me the greatest life I could ever ask for by being a wonderful role model of a Godly, classy, and fun woman. From the day I was born she has given me everything she could and taught me all the important things in life. “Live simply and cherish the little things.” Love you, Mom.”

From Dr. Scullawl:

“My mom was completely selfless growing up. She sat out in the freezing cold/pouring rain and stupid hot sunshine at more sporting events than I can count. She was always there to encourage me in school. Most importantly though, I knew my mom loved me and would always be there for me. Even to this day I know she would do anything she could to help me. There is just something about a mother’s love. I have been very lucky to experience it at it’s very best.”

From Amy:

“I appreciate my mom because no matter what, she’s always there for her kids. If that means that she has to drive across the states she will do it! She is the most loving and self-sacrificing person I’ve ever known. We always tell her that it is ok to say no to people. She says it is more important for her to be able to help out while she can and that’s what makes her happy…helping people and feeling needed. She is simply the best!”

From Dr. Herndon:

“My mother has always been a fantastic example of two virtues that we all can improve on and benefit from, honesty and patience.”

From Kim:

“My mother Nancy is one of the strongest women I know. She is hard-working, out-spoken, and kind-hearted. This lady would work 40+ hours then come home, fix dinner, do the laundry, mow the yard, and do the dishes. She would make sure that the kids had our baths and homework done. She spanked our backsides when needed and told us she was proud of us. Forget Wonder Woman, we had Wonder Mom! Love you more than all the stars in the sky!”

From Laura:

“I appreciate how hard my mom works. She puts her heart and soul into being the best child psychologist she can be. I love that she is so dedicated to her job.”

From Jacquline:

“My mother Tammy is my best friend. I tell her everything and see her almost every day. I am the only child so were are incredibly close. She will stop what she is doing and help anyone in need. She is a giver and never asks for anything in return. She is the best Nana in the world!”

From Christy:

“My mom has a really big heart! She would almost do anything for anybody even if it means she would have to go without. She is a wonderful cook! She is full of life and loves to have fun! She has many qualities that I love and appreciate and I don’t know what I would do without her!”

From Marsha:

“I always knew my mom was a great mom. Always there, very hands-on and expressed her love for me in many ways! But now as I see her as a Nana to my son, I KNOW that she was, still is, and always will be a great mom!! Love you to the moon and back!”

From Carla:

“My mom is also my best friend and co-parent to my kids. As a single mom of 5 it isn’t easy. When I moved here from CA in 2010 she took early retirement to help me. She does most of the running around for sports activities and other events. I couldn’t do it without my Mom. She is so patient when it comes to teaching my kids how to bake and sew and is an incredible example of giving!”

From Dr. Scott:

“My Mother passed away several years ago with Alzheimers disease. Before that took away her mind she was sharp as a tack. She grew up in a time when women didn’t go to college. She was a great bookkeeper but I know she wanted to go to college. Instead she raised two kids and learned to cook. She had a wonderful talent for interior decorating. I always asked her advice for everything regarding my house. She always dressed nicely, coordinated and make-up on every day. Even if she was just cleaning house! She was behind all my success and proud that I became an optometrist like my Dad.”

Think About Your Own Mom As You Watch:

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Please Share A Thought About YOUR Mom With Us!

How about you? Please share a thought about your mom with us in the comment section below. And you are always welcome to share a thought with us on our Facebook page.

Thanks for being our valued patient and friend. We appreciate you.